Chris Whitmore
Species Vampire
Status Alive
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Powers Basic Powers

Vampire Powers


Christopher "Chris" Whitmore is a student at Shadow Falls. He is the representative of the Vampire group at the school and is mostly in charge of pairing up campers/students for their daily activity, Meet Your Camp-mate Hour. Like several others, he is assigned as one of Kylie's shadows.

Biography Edit

Awake at Dawn Edit

Towards the end of Awake at Dawn, Kylie went to talk to Chris about arranging Kylie and Derek's names to match up.

Whispers at Moonrise Edit

During the set up of the welcoming party for the new students, Holiday mentioned to Della and Kylie that Chris and Steve got into a little "confrontation" over Della by the Lake that Holiday had to break up. He also announced that Fredericka had paired up for Kylie's name.

Chosen at Nightfall Edit

At the end of Chosen at Nightfall,

Reborn Edit

During Reborn. He shows a mild interest in Della Tsang, as he pairs up their names since Steve is spending more time at Dr. Whitman's. During the Meet you Camp-Mates Hour he got into a verbal argument with Chase Tallman after he wanted Della's name seeing as it made her uncomfortable. This was intense atmosphere was resolved when Kylie paid blood to get Della's name for herself.

Physical Appearance Edit

Chris is tall, broad shouldered with the typical California surfer look, with Blond hair and Blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Chris is shown to be very dramatic and theatrical. He likes to turn Camp-mate Hour into a show like performance with a Magician's hat and suspenseful pauses. Chris is known to be overconfident and a bit mischievous, but also very determined to get something if it catches his attention. As though he appears playful and funny, he can be serious at times.