Ellie Mason
Species Vampire
Alias Little Vamp
Status Deceased
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Powers Basic Powers

Vampire Powers

Family Unnamed Mother †
Ellie Mason was a Vampire at Shadow Falls. She is the ex-girlfriend of Derek Lakes.


Taken at DuskEdit

Ellie joined Shadow Falls Camp after Derek took her in to keep her from falling into the wrong crowd. When she went to talk with Kylie during Meet Your Camp-mates Hour, a sink hole suddenly opens beneath them and almost swallows them whole. However, Perry manages to bring them all to safety. Sometime after she went in, others treated her dully and she made the decision to leave the camp, until Kylie talked her out of it and encouraged her to make it work. One day, Ellie spotted a stranger spying on the camp and tried to follow him. When Derek saw her, he followed her and got struck by lightning. Ellie hid him under large boulders of rock before getting a direct hit of lightning, instantly killing her. Her spirit then went to Kylie and brought her to Derek. Kylie tried to heal her, but her power failed. Ellie then happily told her that she was glad to have met her before moving on.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ellie is said to be very pretty, she is tall, have a curvy body. She has Dark Brown hair and blue eyes.


Although a Vampire, Ellie is kind, compassionate, quirky, and loyal to a fault. However as nice as she seems Ellie is shown to have a temper and she is a bit prejudice against Werewolves. This is shown when she gets into a fight with Fredericka calling her a dirty dog, and getting is an argument with Lucas.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a Vampire Ellie has the following Powers:


Romantic Relationships:Edit

  • Derek Lakes is Ellie's ex-boyfriend. She broke up with Derek because she met someone else-- A Werewolf-- and according to Ellie their relationship lacked a "spark." But they are still good friends, as she sacrificed herself to save Derek's Life.

Family RelationshipsEdit

  • Ms. Mason is Ellie's Mother. She died when Ellie was younger, Ellie and her mother were very close and Ellie was heartbroken when she died.


  • Kylie Galen is a good friend of Ellie's. At first Kylie didn't like Ellie but grew to like her,Ellie was the one who warned Kylie about Derek's injuries, but it was too late for Ellie. Kylie tried to bring her back but Ellie refused saying she missed her mother, and she successfully crossed over.
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