Faes, also commonly known as Fairies, are a race of natural supernaturals. They tend to rival Wiccans.


Unlike most supernaturals, the Fae have different powers depending on their ancestry, though they are commonly known to manifest empathy, pathokinesis, healing and animal communication.

Faes have been at war with witches for centuries—the Black Plague was a virus spread by witches in their attempt to wipe them out.

Personality Traits IndexEdit

A Fae is generally a people person. If you are friends with a Fae, chances are excellent they are the person you think always gets you. They can be the most understanding and sympathetic person you know and yet when they let their guard down, they can have the tendency to be a tad emotional.

A Fae can be colorful and striking, and yet still somehow subdued and never too loud. They seldom cause scenes or draw too much attention to themselves. They are the people you want to go to with your problems. They make you feel good about yourself; they have the ability to make people feel happy. They aren't the most popular kid on the block, but everyone likes them. And given the chance, they can be a wonderful leader.

While their personality makes them come off as someone you'd never have to fear, in truth, their ability to read people and subtly control someone's emotions can be one of the most frightening powers of all. Their ability to convince people to change their minds and control their moods is a valuable gift that can bring out the best in others, but it can also be misused and viewed as conniving.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Faes have different powers individually, though most of them are associated with the ability to sense/alter emotions, communicate with animals and healing.


Individual Powers

Notable FaesEdit



  • Throughout the Shadow Falls series, pure blooded faes are least featured.
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