Hannah Brandon
Species Fae
Age 20s
Status Deceased
Hair color Red
Eye color Green
Powers Basic Powers

Fae Powers

Family Unnamed Parents
Holiday James (Twin Sister)
Hannah Rose James (Niece)
Unnamed (Adoptive Nephew)
Burnett James (Brother-In-Law)
Unnamed Great Aunt †

Hannah Brandon is the deceased identical twin sister of Holiday James.

Whispers at MoonriseEdit

In the past, she was jealous of Holiday for finding true love, and seduced her fiancé into bed and later ruined her sister's wedding by letting her know what happened. After the wedding cancelled, Hannah felt deeply guilty of what she had done. She was eventually murdered, along with two other girls, by a supernatural serial killer named Collin Warren. Six months after her death, her spirit sought out Kylie Galen for help because she could sense her murderer targeting her sister, but could not recall the name or face of her killer. After Collin discovered what she was trying to do, he used cinnamon and blessed iron to trap her spirit in her grave. In the end, Kylie saved Holiday, and Hannah made amends with her sister before her soul moved on.


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