Mario Esparza
Species Chameleon
Status Deceased
Powers Default Powers
  • Brain Scanning
  • Invisibility
  • Pattern Shifting
  • Species Shifting
  • Power Shifting

Witch Powers

Vampire Powers

Family John Esparza (Son) †
Lucinda Edwards (Daughter-In-Law) †
Roberto Esparza (Grandson) †

Mario Esparza is a member of the Vampire council and the main antagonist of the Shadow Falls series. He first appears in Awake at Dawn, where he has his grandson, Roberto, kidnap Kylie to make her his granddaughter-in-law. After this failed, he makes multiple attempts to kill her, including creating sink holes and summoning lightning. His grandson, however, stops him every time, and in the end, dies for his betrayal. Mario is supposedly a vampire, but his powers go far beyond the regular vampire for unknown reasons. At the end of Chosen at Nightfall, Mario confronts Kylie in a sword fight, but is stabbed to death by his own son, and his soul taken to hell.