Species Werewolf
Status Alive
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Powers Basic Powers

Werewolf Powers

Family Unnamed Father

Monique is a Werewolf who was shortly engaged to Lucas Parker. However, their engagement was not of free will; rather it was arranged by their parents, and Lucas only agreed to gain his father's support of him joining the Werewolf Council.

When Lucas's girlfriend, Kylie Galen, finds out about this, she breaks up with him. In the end, Lucas breaks off the engagement in order to regain Kylie's affection. Monique becomes very curious with Kylie and secretly visits her at a local burger restaurant and indicates that she's just as unhappy about marriage as Lucas or Kylie. She also implies to have had no interest in Lucas until after he broke off the arrangement. 

Physical Appearance Edit

Monique is mentioned to be a very beautiful girl, according to Kylie that she has long black hair with dark eyes that have long lashes, pouty plump lips that reminded her of a famous actress, and a picture perfect curvy body.

Personality Edit

While only around for once in Chosen at Nightfall, Monique, Like all Werewolves, is presumed to be very stubborn, possessive, extremely protective,smug, stoic, and hot tempered. However she maintains a cool attitude, an air of mystery, and is a very curious individual if something peaks her interest as shown when she visited Kylie. Monique mentions that she is also a Hopeless Romantic.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a Werewolf, Monique has the following abilities;

Note: A Werewolf's abilities strengthen and weaken corresponding to the phases of the moon - the closer it is to full moon, the stronger they become. Their body builds also vary by the phases of the moon.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  • Monique's Unnamed Father: Not much is known about their relationship, but enough to know that he does not care about Monique's input and feeling on situations.

Romantic Edit

  • Lucas Parker: Monique's former Fiancé through an arranged-marriage. Monique implies that she had no interest in him till after he called off the Engagement. According to Lucas, they only shared 2 kisses which he was put on the spot when they occurred.

Friendships Edit

  • Clara Parker: Although never shown, Monique and Clara are presumed friends. In Chosen at Nightfall Monique mentions to have talked to Clara about Lucas's emotional turmoil over Kylie. Clara was also present at Monique's engagement Ceremony to Lucas.

Other Edit

  • Kylie Galen: Kylie and Monique's relationship is an odd one, Kylie dislikes, resents, and was jealous of Monique. While Monique was simply curious on who Lucas picked over her, one of his own kind. Monique, like everybody else, takes an interest in Kylie's pattern and tries to understand her.
  • Fredericka Lakota: Fredericka severely dislikes Monique and even considers her a Bitch.
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