Mrs. Parker
Species Werewolf
Age Elderly
Status Deceased
Eye color Blue
Powers Basic Powers

Werewolf Powers

Family Mr. Parker (Son)
Lucas Parker (Grandson)
Clara Parker (Granddaughter)

Mrs. Parker is Lucas' grandmother. She was a purist regarding the beliefs and traditions of werewolves, and wasn't very thrilled when Kylie, a non-werewolf, won Lucas' affection. She helped Lucas contact an elder of the werewolf council in hopes of getting her grandson a chance to join it. Soon after that, she passed away; however, she still worried for Lucas and asked Kylie to help him through his grief.


Lucas Parker: Is her Grandson. She took him in when Lucas' parents didn't want him, and took care of him in ways his parents never did. She cares deeply for him, and worries about him. She is him Grandmother/Mother rolled into one.

Kylie Galen: They don't interact much, but when they do it is shown she disapproves of their relationship. However, in Chosen at Nightfall she went to Kylie and asked for to help Lucas through his grief. When she did visit Kylie she said things were clearer and that her and Lucas were meant to be and were destined to cross paths.