Perry Gomez
Species Shape-shifter
Age 16
Status Alive
Hair color Dirty Blond
Eye color Multicolored
Powers Basic Powers

Shapeshifter Powers

Family Paul Gomez (Father)
Sophie Gomez (Mother)
Jaxon Bowen (Maternal Half-Brother)
Unnamed Nephew
Burnett James (Foster Brother)
Occupation FRU Agent

Perry Gomez is a powerful Shape-shifter who formally attended Shadow Falls Academy. He is an FRU Agent, and in a relationship with Miranda Kane.


Perry is known as one of the most powerful shape-shifters in the world; he can transform into any creature he can imagine. He develops a crush on Miranda, but doesn't dare to admit anything. At the beginning of Awake at Dawn, she gets kissed by Kevin, a fellow shape-shifter, and Perry flies into fighting rage. He then kisses Miranda and dumps her on the spot, and ignores her for most of the book. After some time, he starts a fight with Clark, a warlock, who shoves Miranda; the dining room is almost destroyed by the fight. He finally begins to follow his heart and asks Miranda out. From then on, they become a couple. Throughout Taken at DuskWhispers at Moonrise and Chosen at Nightfall, he is assigned by Burnett to be one of Kylie's "shadows" - a bodyguard, until Burnett ends the shadowing duties. At the beginning of Chosen at Nightfall, he flips Kylie's uncomfortable situation by showing everyone his buttocks and sway their attention to him. A brief argument occurs between Miranda and Perry when his girlfriend turns Nikki, a fellow shape-shifter, into a kangaroo out of jealousy, but they make up afterwards.

Physical appearanceEdit

Perry is tall, broad shouldered with dirty blond hair and multicolored eyes.


Perry is temperamental, but easygoing and funny. Behind all that easygoing attitude, hides a very sad and shy boy who is afraid of rejection but is too proud to admit his weakness. He also cares about those around him and very bold.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a Pure Blooded Shape-shifter, Perry possesses the following abilities:

Fears Edit

That deep down there’s something broken about him and he deserved to be abandoned and it will probably happen again.


Romantic relationshipsEdit