Supernatural is the term for a magical humanoid being born with talents that go beyond the natural.


Although most supernaturals possess different gifts, their one common power is Brain Scanning, which allows them to determine whether or not another being is human and to read another being's brain pattern.

Supernaturals born at midnight are generally good or capable of doing good, while supernaturals born before or after are more susceptible to evil, though they are not entirely beyond salvation.

Chosen beingsEdit

Every supernatural's gifts are varied in intensity, strength and type. However, there are certain supernaturals who possess gifts beyond those of their own kind.


A being with defensive and protective abilities is known as a Protector.

A small number of vampires go through a second stage of transformation that empowers their natural abilities, those who survive are called Reborns.

Mystics are witches with powerful psychic gifts, such as telepathy and enhanced strength. There is also a branch of such witches who have control over nature called "Forest Mystics".

Known SpeciesEdit