Warlocks or Wiccans are a breed of Supernatural with the ability to use elements of magic. Their female counterparts are Witches.


Like witches, warlocks tend to rival against Faes.


Warlocks often form covens with the leader of the coven being considered the "High Priestess". Warlocks are Wiccans and worship the Goddess. Warlocks are the species who are succeeding best at conforming into the human world. There are less covens that actually live in groups. Their lifestyles are easier to blend with the human lifestyle. They are also aren't involved in as many gangs, causing problems for the humans.

History Edit

Centuries ago, witches set off the Black Plague to try to annihilate the faes.

In the late 17th century, during the historic Salem witch trials, a group of warlocks felt threatened by the witch hunts and betrayed their wives by telling the townsfolk they were witches to avoid being detected as warlocks. As a result, these warlocks were excommunicated by the Wiccan society and forced to live individually. As the centuries went by, their descendants started looking for and capturing powerful witches in order to make them conceive powerful offspring and build an army to take down the Wiccan council. However, the coven was defeated by the combined effort of Miranda Kane, Zander and Jeremiah Makepeace in 2016.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Warlocks and witches usually cast spells while waving their pinky fingers. While spell casting and potion making are their most common skills, they are also gifted with special abilities such as transformation, elemental control and other various magical powers. A warlock's power can also manifest individually, similar to faes.


Notable warlocksEdit


Trivia Edit

  • Honor swords, glowing swords, are given to a few warlocks who are gifted with strong integrity and an abundance of magic.